About Us


Amityville Records is a friend of the underdog. Our mission is to create awesome music and visual content for artists who share our vision. We aim to provide affordable, professional services for D.I.Y musicians. We do not seek to control the direction or vision of any artist’s career; we are the freelance record label. We want to make every artist feel comfortable creating with us and to know we share the reins. We’re anti-system, anti-greed, and anti-exploitation. Great music shouldn’t be controlled.


An Amityville Records musician is a little bit on the spooky-glam side of rock and roll. They’re D.I.Y., self-written, self-expressive, and dabble in being an outcast. They like their autonomy and their right to say whatever they feel, to hell with PR. Amityville musicians are LGBT allies and social progressives who want to make a difference in this world.


Scarer and Raygun started Amityville Records at the end of 2016 because frankly, we were tired of being tied up in the same old negative, homogenised shit in the music/arts scene. Fostering positivity in the scene is one of our main goals at Amityville Records. The future of music is not what it used to be. We are passionate about projects that make a difference and allow artists to unleash their authentic selves in a positive way. We want to embrace the underdog, welcoming all outsiders and engage artists autonomously to further the reach of their creative outputs. The future of music is for artists that aren’t afraid to stand by your fellow musician instead of tearing them down. The future of music is a front row of other bands on the same bill. Nashville is changing. Small venues are closing. House shows are getting shut down. We need new methods of delivery for all of our voices. We must stay steadfast to keep the community that small venues have given us. The future of music is POSITIVITY and ROCK AND ROLL. It has been a lifelong dream of Scarer’s to start a record label. The idea was first gleaned in the early 2000s when Scarer was dropping off some Girl With Cake consignment CDs at Skinny’s Records in Brisbane, Australia. Kate Cooper the lead from An Horse was working the counter and said to Scarer – “You should just start your own record label…”. I guess the advice eventually sunk in.


Raygun is a southern native, hailing from Mobile, Alabama, and getting her feet wet in Tuscaloosa before moving to Nashville. She’s always been interested in music, as most of her family are musicians as well. Her father, mother, both grandfathers, and closest brother all play guitar and her uncle, Zak Fagan, has just returned to the south after over a 15 year stint of music engineering and drumming in Los Angeles. To say that Zak had a large influence on her would be an understatement. “He always encouraged me to push things to the limit and never let the fact that I’m from Alabama hold me back.” Raygun studied film production at The University of Alabama as well as theatre production for 5 years. “I’ve been playing bass since I was 14 and took up drums last year. My career focus has always been film, but I’m coming to realize that I’ll never be able to put music down either. Why not do both?”

Raygun came to Nashville with a bang in 2015, producing several short films, including Three Blind Boys on the Block, a 10 minute film about three young black men and their relationship with a deceased woman. She’s passionate about breaking down stereotypes and bringing people from all walks of life together with art of any kind. “I wouldn’t want to be judged by any stereotype I might fall under, certainly not the ‘southern lesbian’ archetype. I want to tear down walls with camaraderie, good vibes, and kick ass music.”



Scarer has been engaged in the music and arts scene since she was a child. Her first instrument was violin then she changed to guitar at age 12 and has been writing songs and creating art for most of her breathing days on planet earth. Scarer has pretty much been a wierdo outsider for her entire life.

Scarer has performed extensively in Australia as a solo singer/songwriter mostly focusing on folk-related projects as Sarah Vardy with multiple residencies. This continued with her project Anu Sava with the folktronica album ‘Buried’ released in 2013 and a queer country EP ‘Lickety-Split’ released in 2014.

On the more rock and roll side of things, Scarer also toured throughout Australia with her longest running project Girl With Cake, a indie-punk rock band who released 3 EPs and 2 demos over their lifetime. Scarer also was involved with Brisbane Ladyfest back in 2006. The latest musical projects Scarer has been involved in include: Ladyshark and the now defunct Little Paws.

Scarer also has been involved with the rock camps in Nashville and Chattanooga teaching, volunteering and performing. Scarer has self-written, recorded and produced all of her music projects excluding live to air performances and one Girl With Cake demo back in the early 2000s. Ladyshark recently released their album Monsters which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Scarer and Raygun’s house in East Nashville. Ladyshark toured the East Coast in early 2016. Scarer also recorded, mixed and produced the Little Paws 2 track demo.

Scarer also has a background in graphic art, writing, animation, multimedia and computer science which has enabled her to create band posters, band logos, band websites, apps, and even an animated film clip for a Girl With Cake song.

Scarer was a recent, ongoing contributor to the GoodBamm Sho music blog reviewing a bunch of albums, singles and video clips.

Scarer is the music-techy ninja half of Amityville Records with a toolkit to boot and a stack of experience as a self-produced, independent artist. Scarer has probably made every mistake humanly possible as an indie artist and intimately understands the frustrations and challenges that can make and break creatives.