Molly Rocket Monday’s UNITY PARTY at The Cobra 2/13

The night before the dreaded and useless Valentine’s Day Molly Rocket threw a party to raise money and awareness for NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope). The line-up was a delicious mixed bag with rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, pop, singer-songwriter and punk. I’m usually not a fan of a 6-band line-up, especially on a Monday night but the talent was so awe inspiring that I could not peel my peepers off the stage all night.

SAV 420

First up was SAV, a female hip-hop artist who totally slayed! SAV has a casual, spoken word approach to the lyrics and her delivery is coherent and powerful. SAV is 420 friendly and has a dope, old school, urban sound that’s a hybrid of Queen Latifah and Nicky Minaj.

Up on the mic next was Ra Noise, a local (Nashville) hip-hop artist. Ra Noise was full of energy on stage and took me back to NWA/Ice Cube era.

Cat Flaps
Cat Flaps

Local progressive punk rockers Cat Flaps erupted on stage. In typical punk rock style the lead singer and guitarist took their clothes off and played in their underwear. It’s hard to believe these peeps are just teenagers with the intensity they have on stage. Their vibe is like Bikini Kill meets X Ray Spex. There was also a little bit of mosh pit / slam dancing action which you don’t see too often in Nashville.


PHENIX, a local pop artist was up next with two back up dancers. PHENIX is seriously cool, urban, pop music with a tonne of rad hooks and some awesome compositional elements. I felt like I was seeing Lady Gaga’s first show before she made it big. A burlesque dancer even came on up on stage during her set – I mean seriously who doesn’t like boobies?!

Thelma & The Sleaze
Thelma & The Sleaze

Nashville rock veterans Thelma and the Sleaze were up next. These ladies are always fun to see live. Thelma and the Sleaze have a grungy, southern rock thing going on. There’s plenty of action on guitar and their new keyboardist is pretty damn awesome. The new line-up seems to be going well with a bigger sound that’s a bit like a rock epic. They remind me a bit of The Screaming Females or White Mystery. They could probably make a good song for a Tarantino film.

Dante Marsh
Dante Marsh

Last up on the night was Dante Marsh, a local singer-songwriter. Marsh seems like a very peaceful, loving soul, which magnetically attracts audience members and even other percussionists on stage. His songs are well crafted and in the ball park of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd.

The event was held in honor of Black History Month and will be a monthly event at The Cobra with proceeds benefiting other local charities.

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YEAH Valentine’s Party with O Summer at Media Re-Run

Youth Empowerment Through the Arts and Humanities

O Summer the band

Murfreesboro rock stars O Summer put on the YEAH Valentine’s bash at Media ReRun on Friday the 10th of February. The night was a massive success with a great turn out. You could literally feel the love seeping into your pores! It was great to see such a supportive and active music community.

The first act was Flourescent Half Dome, a kitsch, 80s style synth-pop band with a sound akin to Ladyhawke and New Young Pony Club. They totally killed it and it blows my mind it was their first ever show! The crowd was stoked to hear this group and even a little heckling from family members of the artists went down. Nothing beats being barracked by your uncle!

The Vamptones were up next with a very 1960s style, rock vibe. Awesome, snappy, syncopated rhythms paired with bright guitars. A little surf rocky at times and kind of reminded me of The Troggs or The Turtles sans the characteristic turtlenecks of the era… damn why do not nearly enough people wear skivvys these days?

Second last on the line-up were the punks out of Mouth Reader. The vocals from front man Kyle reminded me of Waaves but arguably they sport a sound derivative of The Buzzcocks, The Stooges and all that good ‘ol punk stuff. Summation = Very rad to watch and my earholes did not complain!

Mouth Reader

Last on the bill were headliners O Summer. It’s hard to believe that the members of this band are all teenagers! It speaks volumes about the quality of the YEAH programs when you see these shredders on stage. O Summer stepped out casually on the floor and preceded to tear through tenaciously constructed indie rock tunes to a healthy gathering of fans.

All in all an amazing event with 10% of the proceeds going to YEAH. To donate to YEAH or find out more about their super cool programs go to