Our Services

Band and Musician Photos

Image is important and we can help you and your super cool talented friends look the part. We will help you create the music photo shoot of your dreams working with you on concepts, location and even hair and makeup.

Artist Branding, Album Artwork, Gig Posters

We can do you up a cool new logo, album artwork, gig posters or any of that hoo haa. If you’re looking for a rad new branding for your music project we can help you bring that baby to life.

Music Pressing & Distribution

We can do digital, cassettes, vinyl and CDs. Small runs or big runs we have your ass covered. We have distribution peeps to put your musak with too. We can even do your album art work if you need that.

Music Recording & Production

Are you itching to create that album from your bucket list that’s gonna take out the next Grammy? Or do you need a killa single for your hot new music project? We can record, mix, master whatever you have up your sleeve and work with your budget.

Music Videos

We will work with you and your crew to create the most bodacious music video ever witnessed. We’ll use your ideas or give you ours to create a visual masterpiece to match your musical genius. 1 day of filming, editing, planning and post production.


A demo for getting your sick tunes out there for bookings, signings etc. A no-frills, live recording of your music recorded in one day, mixed and mastered the next. You’ll get a master copy of your dope ass songs once we are done with ya.

Email: raygun@amityvillerecords.com or scarer@amityvillerecords.com to find out more.

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